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How Much to Pay Per Hour For Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the kind of service that takes years to master, so there is a pretty good chance that any professionals you hire to do it for you are not going to be willing to work for free. That said, the justification of pressure washing as paid work does not entail that you should bankrupt yourself in your pursuit of it. It’s important to know what the going rates are so that you can be absolutely certain that whatever it is you are paying is fair from every angle imaginable.

The truth of the situation is that a pressure washing service would likely charge you an hourly rate, so this is what we are going to be discussing in the here and now. To put it plainly, most power cleaning service providers have a sliding scale that they would quote to you which is based on the nature of your job. A more intensive gig will incur a larger hourly rate. This is because of the fact that the payment you give to them needs to be commensurate to the level of work that they had to put in.

While there is a fairly wide range of rates that you might get quoted in the market, the fact of the matter is that forty to sixty dollars per hour is more than fair. The majority of pressure washing jobs will fall into this range. You should be skeptical if someone tries to get you to pay more than this amount because that suggests that they are attempting to scam you or pull the wool over your eyes. Fifty is a good average rate to keep in mind.